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Kim’s Take: Amazon’s Alexa shares private conversations with strangers

It’s no secret that our convenient digital voice assistants like Amazon Echo record and save our commands.

But what if your conversations were sent to a stranger?

You might remember what happened to an Oregon couple this year when Alexa sent a recorded conversation to one of the man’s employees. Awkward.

It’s happened again, this time in Germany.

When a man asked Alexa to playback his own recordings, Alexa took that to mean “play recordings from random strangers.” And not just a few, but more like 1,700 recorded conversations.

The last time I checked my Alexa recordings, there were orders for soap, along with private conversations with my family. Remember, it’s always listening.

Now, Amazon says the German incident was “human error.”

The only human error was getting caught.

Listen to Consumer Tech Update about this Amazon Alexa snafu. App background

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