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Kim’s Take: Amazon’s Alexa can now predict what you’ll do next

Amazon’s Alexa can now remind you to turn off the lights and feed the dog.

Is this a great breakthrough or just plain creepy?

Amazon’s Alexa can now predict what you’ll do next or check to see if you’re about to forget something with a feature that they are calling Hunches. Using it, Alexa monitors and learns your behavior and any requests you make. Then it knows what you might have missed to remind you about.

Alexa also knows your physical location because of the app on your phone.

All your data goes into the great Amazon databank.

When you say, “Alexa, good night,” it might respond with, “You left the kitchen light on, would you like me to turn it off?”

Of course, if you forget to tell Alexa goodnight, its feelings might be hurt and it’ll leave the lights on to spite you.

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