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Kim’s Take: A frightening hack of a home security system

Imagine you’re watching TV. Suddenly, you hear a loud squawking alert in your home warning that North Korea has just launched ballistic missiles and is attacking the United States. But there’s no emergency alert on your TV or phone.

Where is the voice warning coming from? The answer will surprise you.

The audio warning sounded legitimate and detailed that the U.S. had retaliated against North Korea and you only have three hours to evacuate before the missiles destroy everything and everyone.

The family called 911, which knew nothing of an attack.

Then, there on the bookshelf sat the culprit. A Nest camera. A hacker accessed the camera and speakers.

So lock down cameras, routers, and networks with a unique, hard-to-hack password. It’s a lot easier to stop these attacks than one from North Korea.

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