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Kim’s Opinion: The real reason Google is letting you delete what you search

When a major company that is built on your information offers to give it back to you, you should smell something fishy.

Google rolled out new ways for you to delete your search history in a just a few clicks, but they’re not letting you do this because they like you.

Suddenly, Google is making it easier for you to delete your search history. Just tap the three lines on the left side of any Google search and there’s a link called “Your data in Search.” Here, you can delete your search history, adjust your ad settings and control what Google saves about you.

So why is a company that makes money off your data giving you the choice to remove it?

In August, Google got caught saving location history on people even when they turned it off. Then, they had to stop automatically tracking Chrome users. And they recently shut down Google Plus after half a million accounts were open to hackers.

They’re not being nice, their PR machine is in motion.

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