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Kim’s Opinion: You will be shocked by the true cost of an iPhone

The latest smartphones are expensive. We sure love them, and we sure have our favorites.

But what if I told you that your iPhone addiction will cost you $300,000? No joke.

Website Flipsy released numbers that might make you think twice about getting the latest phone and signing up for a pricey data plan.

Say you upgrade your phone every 32 months (and most people do this more often). Next, add that the average American spends $88 a year on apps and a data plan is $80 a month.

If you took all that money and put into an investment account between age 18 and 78, and get a return of 4% a year after inflation, you would have about $300,000 in your retirement account.

Putting all that money in an iPhone kinda makes you feel like an iDiot doesn’t it?

For more on the true cost of an iPhone, tap or click below.

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