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Kim’s Opinion: Will you pay $2,000 for the new type of smartphone?

For the first time, smartphone sales are declining. So to bring in revenues, a new type of phone is coming that will cost around $2,000.

Smartphones haven’t seen too many innovations lately aside from better cameras, brighter screens, and faster chips. But with the new 5G’s faster connection speeds that will spark more video uses, the phone’s screen has to change.

Specifically, how can a phone have a big screen without making it so big that it can’t fit in a pocket? The solution: a foldable screen.

Apple has a patent for a screen that folds like a Z. It’s Samsung, though, that will have the
first foldable phone. The Galaxy will fold in half and show alerts when folded.

It will be available next year. The price is around $2,000. I hope it makes calls, too.

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