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Kim’s Opinion: Why dating apps often fail

To quote an old boot-scootin’ hit, maybe we’re all “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”

Only now, decades after they first appeared, we finally know the science of why, most of the time, dating apps don’t work.

Whether it’s for a one-night stand, like the Tinder app, or the serious and high-minded apps like E- Harmony, more times than not, users strike out.

Still, the dating app industry has exploded. One app called, of all things, “Plenty of Fish,” has 90 million users. Tinder claims that it matches up tens of millions each day.

So Researchers at the University of Michigan decided to find out why everyone isn’t dating at least someone. Using highly scientific data, they found a low-tech answer: Most people simply aim too high. Researchers found that anyone, male or female, who attempts to date someone who is clearly better looking or more successful that they are will succeed only 21 percent of the time.

Still, lightning sometimes strikes. At least, often enough to bring the unlucky ones back time and again.

Listen to my thoughts on dating apps. Tap or click play and keep the window open.

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