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Kim’s Opinion: When text and email alerts go wrong

One thing we’ve all learned in the age of the email is to be careful with your replies.

Or have we learned anything at all?

The other day, the U.S. Embassy in Australia sent out a mass email with a funny picture of a cat relaxing dressed in a turquoise bathrobe eating cookies. It was an accident.

Maybe, just maybe, the “Send All” button should be password-protected.

Last August in Washington, D.C., someone sent a very detailed text message about John McCain’s passing to the general public and not where it was supposed to go: the federal employees’ list.

In May, citizens in Salem, Oregon, received a bogus text message urging them to quickly prepare for action.

And who can forget the frightening and false text messages in Hawaii warning everyone of incoming ballistic missiles?

With all this tech around us, there is still a major vulnerability. Us. Human carelessness.

Think about this the next time you hit “Reply All.” It’s probably going to be a mistake.

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