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Kim’s Opinion: The best streaming services for movies

If you’ve seen the trailer for the next Marvel smash, “Captain Marvel,” there’s a funny scene that really sets it up that the movie takes place in the ’90s. A big ol’ Blockbuster Video store.

What ever happened to those anyway? Well, partly, Netflix happened.

Netflix started by renting DVDs by mail, and then streaming video, then eventually started creating its own movies. More services have followed suit, and the streaming craze is full throttle – sorry, Blockbuster.

Now the big choice is where to go for a good movie. Should you relax with Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?

Whether you like a movie streaming service depends on the quantity of movies, and the quality of movies. Online guide Reel Good analyzed Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video.

In terms of quantity of movies, Amazon Prime Video was tops, at over 10,000. And translating this to which service gets you more bang for your subscription dollars, the clear winner is Amazon, at nearly 1,300. Netflix trailed at less than 500.

Most importantly, looking at the movie quality, those getting a rating of six or higher, Amazon and Netflix are neck and neck. But in terms of high-quality movies, the clear winner is Netflix.

So, check Netflix first and know that Amazon Prime is bound to have something to watch.

Tap or click below to hear about the best movie streaming options.

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