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Kim's column

Kim’s Opinion: Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday

Let’s remember the real reason for today and give thanks for the many blessings we all have.

Then, after the feast, it’s Black Friday.

The lowest prices on TVs of the year start right now. The cheap TVs available online and as “door buster” items are for unsophisticated shoppers.

Walmart is selling a 40 inch, $99 TV that has a slow refresh rate not suitable for sports. Target is selling a 32 inch TV for
$80. But the picture looks washed out, making black objects look gray and faded. Buy one these and you’ll regret it.

Pick the smart TV you want based on the size and specs. Make sure it has 4K, UHD, a great viewing angle, decent sound quality, motion blur, and at least two HDMI inputs and one USB port.

Have a Happy Black Friday!

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