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Kim’s Opinion: Revealed! The biggest phishing spoofed companies and busiest phishing days

We all know to watch out for email phishing scams. But what are the top brands spoofed by scammers and what are the most popular days they send out bogus email?

The answers will surprise you.

Vade Secure published its annual phishing report and revealed the top five spoofed brands scammers use to steal your money. On the list, Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

And scammers are now marketers sending fake emails on specific days to increase their chances of success.

Microsoft phishing emails peak Tuesdays and Thursdays. Netflix phishing attacks happen during the weekend. Banking phishing attacks peak Saturdays and Sundays. Very clever.

Bank customer support lines are typically closed on weekends, making it harder for the targets to verify the authenticity of a bank phishing email.

As always, be careful responding to emails, and you’re better off never clicking links. Always call or email the real company yourself to check it out.

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