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Kim’s Opinion: Keeping gifts a secret when you shop online

It’s Christmas shopping season, and along with hiding gifts around the house, you’ve got to think about covering your tracks online, too. Keeping gifts a secret is harder than ever because so much shopping is done online.

Today, I’m sharing with you three Amazon tricks you need to know.

If you’re shopping on Amazon, set up your account to keep gifts a surprise. You can share your account with up to four teens and four kids so they won’t have access to everything you’re doing on Amazon.

Next, archive your orders. This way, if some little or big stinker wants to see what you have purchased, it’s way more difficult.

Finally, your browser’s history is a dead giveaway, especially when targeted ads announce everything you’ve looked at. Erase your browsing history in your account settings, too.

We can learn a lot from Santa. Encourage people to believe in you. Know who’s naughty and who’s nice. And bright red can make anyone look good.

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