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Kim’s Opinion: How Big Tech already has what it wants

The goal of Big Tech is easy to understand.

Every day, all of us get 24 hours to use in any way that we desire. Big Tech’s goal is to get every single second of it.

But let’s get serious. Who’s going to give Big Tech every second of every day. Are you?

Well … let’s say you sleep six hours each night. It should be more, but you’re living on six. You’ve got 18 useful hours.

This past June, researchers found that between Gmail, quick Google searches, together with all of Google’s other products like your Android phones, Google Home Speakers, Chrome devices, YouTube, Google Maps, and your Nest Thermostats, Google commands one-third of your conscious mind.

Put it this way: Google’s products eat into another six of your remaining 18 hours. Oops! Wait! Take another eight hours for work, and you’re left with four hours for family, FaceTime, Snapchat, iTunes, and the list goes on.

Big Tech already has what it wants.

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