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Kim’s Opinion: Heart transplant patient told to go to GoFundMe

Sure, healthcare costs are through the roof. But there are ways to pay for those procedures, and they’re becoming more and more common.

Last year, GoFundMe health-related campaigns raised almost $1 billion for people. And hospitals know this.

Hedda Martin has congestive heart failure. The heart transplant committee at Spectrum Health Richard Devos Heart and Lung Transplant Center of Grand Rapids told Hedda that she “needed a more secure financial plan for immunosuppressive medical coverage.”

They suggest she raise $10,000 ten thousand via an online fundraiser.

Well, the internet is up in arms, mostly at the nerve of the transplant center to tell her such a thing, and during the holidays no less.

I don’t get it. The transplant center is a for-profit center. As long as they are in business, they help more people.

Or think of it this way, would you be upset at Best Buy if they wouldn’t give you a new TV without you paying for it?

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