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Kim’s Opinion: Half of Americans draw the line on self-driving cars

No matter what you may see or hear, America’s special relationship with our cars is going strong.

Yes, it was once about chrome and horsepower. Today, it’s about style, and most important, car technology. The more high-tech, the better.

Except for where we draw the line.

There can be no more high-tech in cars than self-driving technology. Yet, we’ve drawn a firm line. About half of all Americans say they will never buy a fully self-driving car. And while “never” is a long time, this is a huge blow to the self-driving car industry.

But how could they not have seen this coming? The trials have been nothing less than a PR disaster.

Accident after accident. And we’ve all taken notice. Especially when they’re fatal. Like the self-driving Uber car that killed a pedestrian with her bicycle in Arizona.

And then there was California, where the autopilot in one of Tesla’s cars actually sped the car up before hitting the freeway divider, and killing the driver.

America loves its cars. But only when we drive them.

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