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Kim’s Opinion: Google’s new phones – anything new or same old stuff?

It’s time to start comparing smartphones with cars. Every year we get new ones, but it’s the same basic model with a few bells and whistles.

On the heels of Apple’s new iPhones, Google released the new Pixel 3 phones yesterday sporting larger screens, new colors, a wide angle lens, and glass back for wireless charging.

But here’s a feature I’d like on my iPhone. To help you avoid calls from robocallers and scammers, Call Screen appears when you receive a phone call.

Tap “Screen call” and a robot voice will pick up. You see a transcription of the call and can either pick up or hang up the call at any time.

Unlike other expensive phones, the Pixel has only one lens. But it does a better job zooming in and getting the details. And forget stressing over picking photos for social media. Google selects the best one for you.

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