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Kim’s Opinion: Google’s cheap cellphone service has some gotchas

If you’re paying too much for your cellphone, Google has a cheap service that now works on iPhones and more Androids.

But there are gotchas.

Google updated its cellphone service called Fi. It’s cheap and simple.

Pay just $20 a month for unlimited calling and texting, and $10 per gigabyte of data. Data over six gigs is free, but Google will throttle speeds after you hit 15. And no more roaming fees pretty much around the world.

Fi uses Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular lines for service and works on new Samsung, LG, Moto and One Plus phones. iPhone service is in beta, which means it’s undependable.

The big question: Will Google Fi track what you do?

Remember Google’s core mission – gathering data and eyeballs that it can turn into ad sales and greater revenue.

What do you think?

Listen to Kim talk about Google’s new service in this episode of Consumer Tech Update. Tap or click below. App background

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