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Kim's column

Kim’s Opinion: Google Maps is used to scam your banking information

It’s the holiday shopping season, and that means one thing. Clever scammers are out in full force ready to steal your money and identity.

They’re after you like never before this Christmas.

Life used to be so good when you could trust Google Maps. Not anymore.

Scammers are changing Google Maps so that when unsuspecting bank customers call what they think is their financial institution, the scammers extract their private banking details and use them to empty their accounts.

Another new trick is the fake emails, pop-up ads, and free gift card offers. Here, scammers want your personal data that lets them access your account and even steal your identity.

And speaking of Amazon, watch out for phishing emails that supposedly confirm an order or look like an official shipping notification. Keep your guard up. One person can send a phishing email, but it takes two to tangle.

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