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Kim’s opinion: Google abandons ‘Don’t be evil’ model

Google is a behemoth, both online and beyond. You probably can’t get through a day without doing something that in some way Google is a part of, whether it’s browsing on Chrome, putting an appointment on your Calendar or checking your Gmail.

Long before Google became the corporate monster that it is today, even before it became a publicly traded company, Google’s founders adapted a simple code of conduct.

“Don’t be evil.”

Over time, the slogan became a “thorn” in Google’s side, as much as its day-to-day functions sometimes seem to violate the old code.

The new Google

Fast forward to today, some 18 years later. “Don’t be evil,” has been officially erased from all of Google’s public documents.

Which brings us to the today’s point: This week, Google, a company built upon the concept of a free and open, global internet, whose contents could be searched from any computer anywhere in the world in less than a heartbeat, has this proposition to the Chinese government, a censored version of Google. Anything that the Chinese Government does not want its oppressed people to
see will be filtered out.

A free and open internet, it’s clearly not. Whether that’s a form of “evil,” I’ll leave it with you to decide.

Hear Kim’s take on the new Google:

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