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Kim’s Opinion: Google 500K data breach

We know about Facebook’s massive data breaches. This time, Google announced a breach and their idea is to shut down the site.

Google has its own social media site called Google Plus. Google announced that between 2015 and March, 2018, no one was paying attention.

A security flaw, as Silicon Valley likes to say, left the personal information of some 500,000 people up for grabs — email addresses, gender, occupation — you get the drift — for years.

Some 430 different applications had access to that data. Google says they are shutting Google Plus down because no one was using it anyway.

But that doesn’t mean anything. Your data was up for grabs. What happened to that Google Slogan anyway, Don’t Be Evil? Oh, that’s right. They stopped using it months ago.

Tap or click to hear listen to Kim’s thoughts on Google’s massive data breach.

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