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Kim’s Opinion: Facebook was hacked. Was your data stolen?

It’s happened again — and it probably will keep happening.

You’ve probably heard by now that Facebook users, 30 million of them, have suffered the worst attack in Facebook’s history. Almost one-tenth of the U.S. population. Was your data was stolen?

This time, criminals got huge amounts of private information: Names, email address, phone numbers, hometowns and where you live now, where you work, and what you do; Birthdays, your fifteen most recent searches, and a lot more.

Find out if you are one of the victims. Log on to Facebook and immediately change your password. Then, scroll down to the Facebook Help Center and you will find the question, “Is my account affected by this security issue?” Facebook will tell you what was stolen.

From there, use common sense. Need to change your phone number? Credit cards or anything’s else? Do it now — and don’t wait.

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