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Kim’s Opinion: Facebook is now scoring its users’ reputations

You may know your credit score, but do your know your trustworthiness score — the one that Facebook is assigning to all its users?

Very quietly over the past year, Facebook has been devising a kind-of “ratings system” for users.

Because its has been absolutely clueless in seeing the difference between fake news and real news, Facebook’s management come up with a “reputation assessment.”

Is the user trustworthy, or not?

OK – it’s hard to know where to start on this one. After all, we have the four thousand pound
elephant in the room: That is, Facebook itself has a giant credibility problem. We all remember Mark Zuckerberg squirming on a cushion in front of the Congress. And then there’s the issue of how Facebook comes up with its trustworthiness score.

In short — they’re not telling. So I’ll make this prediction: It won’t take very long before the first lawsuits, from those deemed untrustworthy, to hit the courts.

Listen to my take on Facebook’s reputation scores. Tap or click here and leave the window open to listen. App background

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