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Kim’s Opinion: Facebook is getting social with your bank account

Mark Zuckerberg is a titan in the information age. At least he used to be.

There’s no question that Zuckerberg’s popularity plummeted after his embarrassing appearance before Congress last April.

But now… HE’S BAACK! And both he and Facebook are coming for your bank account!

This almost unbelievable! Facebook has been quietly talking with some of the biggest banks: — Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and others — trying to convince them to trust Facebook with detailed financial data on tens of millions of Americans.

Never mind that just six short months ago, we learned that Facebook turned over private data on 87 million Facebook users in the Cambridge-Analytica fiasco. Several government investigations are still open.

Facebook says it wants its users to be able to check bank account balances through Facebook’s messenger. Of course, that would give Facebook access to your account transactions too.

But don’t worry. This time, they promise to be careful.

I’d be skeptical if I were you.

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