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Kim’s Opinion: Email receipt scams to watch out for this holiday shopping season

It’s Christmas season, so it’s time to shop, and more of us are using the easy route: online.

You’re shopping online and getting a ton of email receipts. Watch out for the clever ones sent by scammers.

Your best bet is to use only one email address for online shopping. Use filters to set rules that email from this address gets automatically sorted into a specific folder.

Same thing with your credit card. Use only one card and never a debit card. This way, you’re
organized in case something doesn’t get delivered or you need to make a return.

And watch for any phishing emails that mentions orders or shipments.

On the rise are fraudulent confirmation emails pretending to be from FedEx, UPS, the Post Office or a site saying a package could not be delivered. You’re asked to open an attachment to get an invoice for the package. You do and, bam, you’ve got the gift that keeps on giving, malware or ransomware.

Be careful out there this shopping season and you’ll enjoy yourself without worry.

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