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Kim’s Opinion: Cybersecurity and why we’re our own worst enemy

Our digital devices are a great portal to the world. We can go almost anywhere, see almost anything, and experience what we could never experience in person.

We can also let far too many people know everything about us.

When it comes to our personal safety with all our digital devices, most of us are our own worst enemy. Despite all the warnings, America is a nation of digital risk takers.

This past week, on my personal email account, I received fifteen emails that I know were very dangerous. Of course, all of them were from people I’ve never heard of. And all were asking that I click the link in the email.

The FBI says that about 25% will click. Those are great odds for cybercriminals.

Meanwhile, we continue to reveal far too much about ourselves on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

You hear these warnings all the time. But here’s what’s most surprising: The one taking the most online risks are those under the age of 40 — the generation who grew up with computers and the ones who should know better.

Be smart about your cybersecurity. Don’t click, don’t overshare, keep your personal things personal. Stay safe.

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