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Kim’s Opinion: Can pacemakers and medical devices be hacked?

More and more, we all rely on tech for our health. Go to any doctor’s office or hospital room and you’ll see a ton of digital technology saving lives and making people well again.

Every day, more and more personal medical devices, especially pacemakers and insulin pumps, go online.

The big question: Can they be hacked?

Putting lifesaving personal medical devices like pacemakers and drug infusion pumps online
saves lives. Doctors can know almost instantly if something is going wrong with their patients.

But security experts who have tested most of these devices say that, so far, we’ve been lucky. All these wireless devices have huge vulnerabilities to hacking. So far, there are no known incidents of hackers getting into a pacemaker or an insulin pump.

There is nothing that’s actually keeping someone from doing it. The manufacturers know, but have been slow to react.

The FDA is now officially involved. And the stakes are very high. Patients should speak with their physicians.

Listen to more about how hackable everyday medical equipment is. Tap or click below to listen to Consumer Tech Update. App background

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