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Kim's column

Kim’s Opinion: Avoid this fake Apple scam spreading right now

Scams are getting more clever all the time. After all, crooks can’t expect you to fall for the same trick all the time. So they make some updates to their best schemes.

Here’s a scam alert, especially for all iPhone owners. But this scam often hits Mac and Windows PC users too.

There’s a big scam underway using a realistic looking, but fake, Apple website. If you get routed to it, you’ll get an alarming message that your phone has been locked due to detected illegal activity. Then, a pop-up box appears connecting you to a toll free number that’s supposed to be Apple support.

It’s not.

The number connects to a phone bank in India. And by the way, your phone was never locked. Apple has no way of knowing if you’re doing anything illegal with your iPhone. In fact, this is actually the old technical support scam. It’s meant to frighten you and, of course, get you to spend money.

I can guarantee you this: Neither Apple nor Microsoft, or any phone manufacturer anywhere will ever initiate a call to you to tell you that they’ve detected a problem on your end.


Ever. It’s always a scam.

Listen to Kim talk about it here:

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