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Kim’s Opinion: Are you getting all the internet you’re paying for?

Remember when you first got your high-speed internet connection? It was sweet and all your browsing was lightning fast.

Now, is your internet running slower than usual? It’s buffering. It’s lagging.

Well, testing the line is easier than ever and you don’t even need to be a techno-wizard.

Odds are when you signed up for your internet connection, you were presented with several speed options. Whatever you got was probably good for what you had, but with extra wireless devices, streaming media and more that we’re asking our connection to do, it might be too slow.

Today, 10 to 20 megabytes are becoming the standard. The faster the speed, the more devices can use the line and the more things you can do simultaneously.

But how do you know for sure if you are getting the connection speed from your provider that you’re paying for? Simple.

Whether you use Google or Bing as your favorite search site, you can now run an internet connection speed test by doing a simple search. Just use the phrase Speed Test — two words, by the way. Try it at different times of the day and average it out.

Listen to Consumer Tech Update on your internet speed. Tap or click below.

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