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Kim’s Opinion: Are streaming services really cheaper than cable?

Cable is too expensive. Cable doesn’t offer what I want. Sound familiar?

Before you cut the cord on your cable, and even if you already have, it’s time to reassess whether it’s best money-wise.

The glory days of affordable streaming like Netflix, YouTube, PlayStation Vue, and others are nearing a close. Streaming service prices are inching up. And rarely can one streaming service give you everything you want.

So do the math. Add up your streaming costs and compare it to cable. Don’t forget about rental and movie purchases. They add up. If you are leasing a modem from the cable company, it’s cheaper to buy one. Scan your bill for any broadcast fees and surcharges.

And complain. If you call your cable company, they know it’s cheaper to keep a current customer than get a new one. You just might be able to lower your bill to less than streaming.

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