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Kim’s Opinion: Are new iPhones worth the money?

By now, Apple fans have been conditioned to await the latest iPhone unveiling with bated breath, then to run and form orderly lines at the nearest Apple Store to get their hands on the latest and the greatest.

But are the new, faster, prettier, iPhones worth the money? The answer will surprise you.

A little over a week ago, Apple announced their latest iPhones. As we start to actually get our hands on them, the decision whether to buy isn’t clear cut.

To buy or not to buy?

The iPhone XS looks just like the iPhone X from last year and it’s $1,000. OK, it has a better camera. If you have an iPhone X, save your money. Otherwise, buy an iPhone X used and you’ll be happy.

The iPhone XS Max, the largest iPhone, has a 6.5-inch screen and starts at $1,100. It might be worth it if you want a big phone.

New iPhones will be in stores Sept, 21. But don’t buy either one yet.

The iPhone XR starts at $750, the screen is a nice 6.1 inches and is available in stores Oct. 26.

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