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Kim’s Opinion: Apple’s 3 new iPhones being introduced

All eyes are on Apple in Cupertino, California, today — all waiting to see what’s next for the world’s most valuable company. And the iPhone will lead the way.

Apple has taken giant steps this year, pushing just over $1 trillion in value. It’s days like these that can make or break the company.

Of all the new products that Apple will release today, none will be as important as the new iPhones. There are three. One of them is a lower-priced model starting at $550 and a 6.1-inch LCD screen.

The other two will be stunning. They’re using OLED screens. The colors, the photos, videos and games are amazing. One phone will be small, at 5.8 eight inches. But the other, an amazing, and maybe “industry-historic,” 6.5-inch display, the biggest iPhone ever.

And look for a new, bigger Apple Watch 4, with even better ways to to detect AFib and heart issues, and maybe tell you that you should go get an EKG.

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