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Kim’s Opinion: Apple is raising its price 20 to 25 percent. Is it worth it?

Apple announced new products yesterday. The fact that they raised prices by up to 60% is more interesting than the new features.

It’s Business 101. When sales are down, you can either sell more of what you have or raise the price of what you’re selling.

Laptop and tablet sales have been declining the last four years. So, Apple is taking the high-price road. They’ve done it before.

When iPhone sales were down, they raised the price. People still bought them. The new MacBook Air is $200 more
than the existing model. The new Mac Mini is 60% more than the old one. The new iPad Pro went up 25%.

Certainly, higher prices will lift Apple’s revenues. Are the new products worth the money?

The Mac Mini is the only one that got a major update. Other than that, the event was uneventful.

Listen to more about new Apple devices in this episode of Consumer Tech Update.


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