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Kim's column

Kim’s Opinion: Alex Jones, the First Amendment and Big Tech

Let’s tackle some emails that I’ve been getting about Big Tech the First Amendment: The question? Why doesn’t The First Amendment apply to Facebook and YouTube?

This issue has grown in importance lately, with controversies about content that some social media stars have been posting.

From your high school days, you’ll recall that the Constitution’s First Amendment says that our government can’t regulate our religion, our rights to peaceably protest, the free press and our free speech.

Yet Facebook, YouTube, Apple and others have yanked the conspiracy theorists and radio talk-show host Alex Jones off their websites.

In truth, Big Tech is perfectly within its rights to pull Jones, or anyone else they don’t like, because the First Amendment applies only to government. YouTube, Facebook and all the other popular websites are owned by shareholders. Not the government.

No one can force any media company to carry a program or run a story that it doesn’t like. And no, Jones has not been silenced. He’s has his own website where he can say and do anything he pleases.

Hear my thoughts on Alex Jones and the First Amendment. Tap or click below to listen:

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