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Kim's column

Kim’s Opinion: Airlines attempt to bring passengers zen

There was a time when flying was an event. It was elegant, with men in snappy suits and women in lovely dresses. Pilots were gods and flight attendants were stewardesses and the food was memorable.

Now, it’s a bus with wings, people are dressed for the swimming pool and food is optional.

As our airlines are seemingly making flying more miserable by the day, they have a bright idea to soothe everyone’s frazzled nerves.

The long lines, uncomfortable seats, people coughing, the pushing, the shoving, and some — not all — airline employees can be downright rude.

To bring zen to the skies, American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, will begin showing nature photos and sounds, offer guided meditations, and other content from the meditation app, Calm, aboard most flights starting Oct. 8. Exercises have you focusing on specific body parts to relieve stress and tension.

Headspace, another meditation app, is onboard 11 airlines including Delta, United and Virgin Atlantic.

I have an idea. Why don’t the airlines make travel great so we don’t need to meditate?

Or at the very least, give us one free drink.

Tap or click below to listen to Kim discuss airline flights in the latest Consumer Tech Update.

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