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crying baby
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The app for crying babies

Having a baby is an amazing event. As a parent, they need you every moment, and they need you to help them navigate the world. Of course, there’s a way to do it with tech, too.

Do you remember all those times when you held your crying infant, and somehow, you were quickly able to figure out exactly what the baby needed? Now, there’s an app for that!

Chatter-Baby is a free smartphone app that clams to analyze a baby’s cry — as long as you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Now, new apps usually don’t get on my radar. But as both a mom — AND America’s Digital Goddess — this one did.

So let’s say the baby’s crying: Quick! Hungry, wet or in pain? Or, does he just want his mommy? The folks at ChatterBaby know, with 90 percent accuracy. They did it with private funding, and some money from UCLA.

What’s the motive here?

OK: Two things. If you even think you’re gonna need an app to tell you what’s wrong with the baby, for heaven’s sake — try not to get pregnant.

Second, you just know that this app will collect data on you and your baby. What will it do with all the information it collects?

Think about it.

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