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Kim's column

Merry Christmas from Kim! A look back at our Random Acts of Kindness

As I reflect upon the last year, there are two big standouts. I received one of the broadcast industry’s greatest honors and I also said goodbye to my best friend.

It was a thrill to be inducted into the 2021 National Radio Hall of Fame. It is really something to know my name is among the likes of Dick Clark, Bing Crosby, and Ryan Seacrest. I never could have imagined such an honor.

I have an amazing team at WestStar Multimedia Entertainment who all work together to provide the best information to help you guide your digital life. 

Some of our ROAKs in 2021

We listen to your calls, read your notes, and answer your questions as best we can. And throughout the year, we also give back in what I call our “Random Acts of Kindness” initiative, or ROAKs (because everything in tech has an acronym).

Here are a few people who called our national radio show wanting to talk to me about a digital life issue. 

Brother Tim from the Livingston Monastery, Norfolk, Virginia: We consulted and worked with Tim directly for months to put together a Google Voice solution for his food pantry. We will pay the yearly $250 fee for as long as Brother Tim wants us to do so.

Alisa in San Francisco, California: She was afraid after her apartment was broken into. We paid for a complete SimpliSafe Security System to give her peace of mind.

April in Temple, Texas: She reached out because she needs to lose 100 pounds for her health. We sent her a FitBit to help her achieve her goal. 

Robert in Norfolk, Virginia: We purchased an iPad for his wife who was hospitalized with Covid so the two of them could video chat.

Pat in Chicago, Illinois: She had a website and could not update it or figure out how to move to a different hosting company. We did it all for her.

Max in Tucson, Arizona: He volunteers as a Ranger and was concerned about his safety. We sent him a body cam to wear when he’s on duty.

Jan in Ft. Meyers, Florida: We spent a few hours on the phone troubleshooting her Wi-Fi so that it extends to her working area in her backyard.

Charles in Little Rock, Arkansas: He drives an 18-wheeler and was worried about what might happen when he’s on the road. We sent him a dual-lens dashcam.

Dana in Virginia: She called because her daughter was being cyberstalked. The local police were no help. We asked a forensics expert to work with Dana and he has, for the last nine months, tracked this person down and brought him to justice.

Randy in Dallas, Texas: He’s a farmer with no computer skills. We built him a website to take orders and showed him how to take credit cards when he is at the market.

Sharon in Tulsa, Oklahoma: She’s a teacher and has to buy all her supplies for the classroom. We sent her two iPads and a bookcase.

Joshua in Rochester, Minnesota: He has seven children, six of which are adopted. We sent him $50 per child, or $350 total, so he could buy them each a smartwatch.

Keith in Corpus Christie, Texas: He must leave home to go to work. When he does, he has no way to communicate with his wife who is legally blind. We sent him an Echo Show so that he can drop in to see her and talk to her.

Nate in Springfield, Missouri: There are no more custodians at his school. We sent him a robotic vacuum cleaner so his classroom floor can be cleaned overnight.

But in the midst of all the joy came extreme sorrow. 

There is no one like your Mom

My mother passed away on September 19th and at times, I still just feel lost. I miss her smile, advice, and being able to drop in to talk. I was fortunate to have an excellent relationship with my mother who lived with me for the last 25 years. I miss her so very much.

You might have noticed that as I was dealing with my mother’s health challenges, I never skipped a beat. There are good reasons why. 

I have been blessed with the very best team of professionals who are by my side every day. They are my work family and I mean, family.

All of this good is possible because of all of you, who listen to my national radio show, read our daily newsletters, visit the website, download our podcasts and reach out to me however you can. 

On behalf of my team and me, thank you.

Every morning I pray for each and every one of you. Thank you for being a blessing to me this Christmas.


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