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Hackers are now more dangerous than ever

The hacks keep coming and coming. In just the couple of weeks, one fitness app, a social-media aggregator, and one of the largest blood-testing labs in the U.S. all reported hacks or attempted hacks.

It’s easy to become complacent as we get news of yet another data breach each day. So let’s reassess just how dangerous these things have become.

At this very moment, tens of millions of hackers — some working for governments, some terrorists and some just plain thieves — are all launching billions of different online attacks. Criminals are literally flooding the login procedure with email names and passwords stolen in other, more recent data breaches, as they try to gain access.

Attempted logins growing

One research company says 58% of all attempted logins to online banking systems are hackers trying to steal passwords, account numbers and credit cards.

For the airlines, that number is 60%. Frequent flier miles are the target. For online retailers, the percentage rises to an incredible 90%. That means that only 10% are legitimate shoppers.

The message is clear: This is no time for complacency. Now more than ever, every connected device must be protected.

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