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Kim on the cover of Podcast Magazine
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I’m on the cover of Podcast Magazine and they’re offering my listeners a free subscription for life!

Wonderful news: Podcast Magazine chose me as their October cover feature story!

I’ve given a lot of interviews over the years, but I feel like this one really shows a lot about who I am and how helping you — my readers and listeners — keeps me going.

And I revealed the one thing you don’t know I do before every show. Read the full article here to find out what that is!

I’m honored they selected me. Other cover stories have included Katie Couric, Jenna Kutcher and Dave Ramsey, to name a few. Now I’m even more excited. Why?

Because when I asked if I could gift you with a free copy of the October issue, the Podcast Magazine team took it a big step further. How?

By giving you the opportunity to grab a FREE lifetime subscription of Podcast Magazine!

Yup. When you tap or click here and register, you’ll receive a FREE lifetime digital subscription to the magazine. If you love podcasts as much as I do, you’ll love Podcast Magazine.

Podcast Magazine is the leading publication dedicated to podcast fans — going beyond the microphone into the lives of today’s leading podcasters and deeper into the stories podcast fans can’t get enough of.

Each month, they feature dozens of podcasts you’ve likely never heard of but should be listening to, independent ratings and reviews, and the Podcast Magazine Hot 50 chart. It’s the only chart created by fans for fans, and it can help you find a new podcast you’ll love.

Grab your free lifetime subscription here, and hurry because this offer won’t last long.

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