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Free audiobooks, saving Facebook photos, TV restaurants, and more: Tech Q&A

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital.

Sometimes choosing the most interesting questions to highlight is the best part of my job.

This week, I received questions about how to find free audiobooks, ways to save Facebook photos, the best way to find restaurants that have appeared on TV, and more.

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My Amazon Public Profile

Q: Did you say we have public profiles on Amazon like a social media account? I had no idea. How do I see it? How do I delete that?

A: The short answer is yes, you do have a public profile on Amazon, and it is a lot like a social media account. You agreed to this when you signed up.

The idea makes a lot of sense; if you have a profile that friends and loved ones can access, they can buy intelligent gifts for you.

Amazon has other little-known settings that may alarm you, and your shopping experience will be much more comforting once you change them.

Tap or click here for five Amazon settings you should change now.

Quit Facebook But Keep My Photos

Q: I want to quit Facebook. Is there a way to download all my photos?

A: You aren’t alone. However, there are a few reasons people hesitate before terminating their accounts: they wonder how they will keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

They fear “missing out” on important events, like weddings, babies, and even funerals. Finally, they worry about losing their photos, which symbolizes so many memories. Over the years, Facebook users may upload hundreds or even thousands of images to their accounts, and it’s difficult to imagine losing these forever.

Naturally, Facebook doesn’t want you to abandon their service, so they don’t make any kind of termination easy. Now, there is a way to download all your photos and store them on your computer or cloud.

Tap or click here to download all photos from Facebook.

Get the Free Komando App

Q: Do you have an app? I want to put it on my phone.

A: I do have an app, and it’s a great way to keep track of the latest tech trends. If you have any doubts, just read some of the reviews: “I have followed Kim for more than 20 years.

This free app is the best gift you can give yourself.” Alternatively, “Get trusted tech advice you can use every day!”

Whether you use iTunes or Google Play, search for “” and the app should pop up. The best part? It’s free!

Tap or click here for links to my free app.

Find Famous Restaurants

Q: I am a total foodie. Is there a way to see the restaurants on the TV shows on a map? We’re traveling around the country in an RV.

A: I imagine many of my readers and listeners are envious of your cross-country journey. One of the great joys of travel is trying different foods, of course, and there are lots out there to sample.

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Guy Fieri or Andrew Zimmern, you might go out of your way to try a restaurant you saw on your favorite road-food series. There have been so many different shows on the Food Channel and Travel Network about roadside eateries.

You can be pretty much anywhere in the country and be able to drive to a well-filmed venue. Thanks to a great site, you can easily find them all.

Tap or click here to find the locations of the restaurants you’ve seen on TV.

Free Audiobooks

Q: I listen to audiobooks. I’m tired of paying for them. Are there any decent free ones?

A: No longer the clunky piles of audio cassettes, an audiobook is easy to download and takes up very little memory on your phone. You can run with an audiobook without worrying about the CD skipping.

As convenient as audiobooks are for exercise or long commutes, they can get expensive, primarily if you use a service like iTunes or Audible. Don’t get me wrong; these platforms are fantastic, and you can use Audible’s credit system to get incredible deals on some pricey titles.

But “free” is always the best price, and if you’re not satisfied with your local library’s Overdrive collection, one website offers a real steal.

Tap or click here for an excellent source of free audiobooks.

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