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Achieve financial independence by working from home

Each Independence Day, I take a few moments to remind us all about Americans’ incredible Free Enterprise System, when working with the power of the internet, can help you achieve your own financial independence.

And the good news is that this year, there’s more legitimate work from home opportunities than ever.

For unskilled workers, try Task-Rabbit, Field Agent or You’ll get paid to run simple errands for others. If you have an acceptable vehicle, there’s always Uber and Lyft. Of course, you can’t stay home, but you can set your own hours.

Here’s even better news: For skilled and professional workers who are seeing an explosion in highly compensated work from home positions with major companies. Try searching for positions with We Work Remotely, Upwork, and Flexjobs. (Full disclosure, FlexJobs is a Kim Komando sponsor.)

Writers, graphic artists, website designers, photographers, even lawyers, teachers, tutors and accountants are finding full and part-time positions.

Good luck – and have a Happy Fourth! App background

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