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Set up your kid’s phone with emergency medical info

When an emergency arises, you don’t want to be caught flat-footed without key information you need. This is all the more urgent when it’s your children that need to be cared for.

It’s “Digital Life Hacks Week,” and with American kids by the millions headed back to school this week, here’s the best way for first responders to get vital medical information if it’s needed – and to give moms and dads some peace of mind.

A life hack is an insider secret to getting things done better and faster.

When there’s a medical emergency, keep vital medical information available to medical professions in your kids’ smartphones.

Apple phones have a built-in but little-known app called “Medical ID.” It lists your emergency contacts, phone numbers, and special instructions like allergies and current medication.

Set the Medical ID app’s settings to show when the iPhone screen is locked. For Samsung and all Android phones, manufacturers may include a similar app.

If not, there’s a $4 app in Google Play Store called ICE, which means In Case of Emergency.

Get this app for safety and peace of mind for the school year.

Listen to Kim talk about keeping your child’s medical records on her phone:

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