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Your kid’s phone might be hurting them

We’ve told you before to be careful with how much you use a cellphone. There are real questions about their long-term safety, especially for younger users.

As research continues to discover that brain disorders are to linked mobile phone radiation, here’s the latest, and it focuses on our kids.

We now have two studies, the latest one released last week, showing that kids, ages 12 to 17, who use mobile phones close to their head, are experiencing memory issues.

Radiation exposure

Researchers followed hundreds of kids for a year and found that cumulative cellphone radiation exposure next to the brain, seems to have a negative effect on the development of what’s called “figural memory” in adolescents. “Figural memory,” takes place on the brain’s right side in an area behind the ear. It’s where we learn things for the short term, and transfer it to our long-term memory.

Now, as with all these studies, there’s nothing yet conclusive. But there is enough here to caution our kids to keep their smartphones away from their ears, as much as possible.

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