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Kim's column

A Thanksgiving message from Kim

Hello friends,

No doubt, this past year has been one that we could not have envisioned a year ago. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that we are resilient. Throw us a few punches and we really do keep going.

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table, I hope you and your family take a moment to reflect upon what you are especially grateful for in your lives and give thanks for your many blessings. It may be hard, given all that you have gone through and maybe struggling with now. I get that.

I am thankful for your support of our Komando family. Let us always be united because it provides strength that binds us together.

Of course, we’re here to help you in so many ways this holiday:

I am especially thankful for the great scientists and researchers who are bringing a vaccine to put an end to this pandemic. We have a lot more living to do!

Please know I include you all in my daily prayers. Happy Thanksgiving!


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