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3 essential iPhone hacks

It’s “Digital Life Hacks Week” at A life hack is an insider secret to getting things done better and faster.

Your iPhone is an amazing device, and you can do a ton of things with it. But it has some hidden features that you might not know about.

Here are three life hacks for your iPhone.

If you’re caught without your reading glasses, trying to make out the small print on your iPhone screen, simply take three fingers, and – tap, tap, tap, anywhere on the screen. It will instantly zoom in. To go back, just use the same three fingers – tap, tap, tap, again.

When you’re in hurry, your iPhone will charge faster in airplane mode, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cell service all switched off. It will charge even faster if you power it down altogether while charging.

And for the most iPhone security in case you lose your phone, from the settings menu, choose a six-character passcode instead of iPhone’s standard four numbers. Use a combination of letters and numbers and your phone will become virtually unhackable — except to the FBI and the NSA. And, well, they probably know all about you anyway.

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