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2 unexpected ways to use any smartphone

Life hacks make your life easier by giving you a secret way to get things done better and faster. It’s Digital Life Hacks Week, so here’s another tip for you.

Whether you own an iPhone or Samsung, or any other smartphone, here are two unexpected ways to use them.

Your smartphone has all kinds of hidden talents. Try these two:

With fine print that’s too small to read, all smartphones are excellent magnifiers. On an iPhone, the magnifier is in the settings menu under accessibility. Then choose magnifier.

On an Android phone, it’s pretty much the same. Settings, then accessibility, then the magnifier. No print is too small for these devices.

Next, when you’re expecting an important call but can’t allow the intrusion of a loud ringer, don’t miss the call. Just set the phone to flash its LED at you. You can make this work for text messages and new email too. But remember, smartphones’ LEDs are very bright so keep the phone off conference tables or anywhere else where the flash would be distracting.

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