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Quick hack to post better photos on Instagram

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

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There’s nothing more obnoxious than grainy pictures on your social media feed. After all, networking apps are about having fun and putting your best foot forward. Poor quality photos hold you back.

That’s why we like to share photography tips with you now and then. Tap or click here for a few simple editing tricks for your social media posts. Here’s another tip you should check out, thanks to TikTok user @daniellaa_elliott.

She found an Instagram hack you can use for better photos than ever before. By changing a single sitting, you can improve the quality of your pictures and videos. Just follow these steps.

Want clearer pictures? Just do this

Most apps will reduce the size of your files to make uploading easier. The problem is that compressing photos and videos make them plummet in quality. Luckily, a simple Instagram hack cuts down on compression.

While you’re in the Instagram app, head to the bottom right. Access your profile by tapping the person icon or your profile picture. Then, hit the three lines in the top right. To finally enter your settings, tap on the cog icon.

Then, do this:

  • Tap Account.
  • Select Data usage.
  • Slide the toggle next to High-quality uploads to the right to enable it. Once it’s blue, the feature is on.

This feature lessens the extent to which Instagram compresses your clips. That means your photos and videos are close to the quality you recorded them in.

Want to take better pictures with your phone? Tap or click here for five ways to use your smartphone like a professional camera. Once you’ve snapped so many high-quality pictures, though, you’ll want to keep them in a safe place.

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