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Need a printer upgrade? Best options for busy families

Presented by Epson EcoTank

Presented by Epson EcoTank

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Could you have imagined your home office just a few years ago? These days, you can work from home with ease, thanks to high-quality tech. Technology helps you streamline business tasks and access the content you need a lot faster than those old PCs from the ’90s.

Of course, to maintain a high level of professionalism that your boss, colleagues and clients expect, you spend good money on high-quality technology, including your smartphone, laptop and a printer, like our sponsor, Epson’s, home printing solutions.

If you’re like most people, your printer is older and has been well-used. It was probably good to you this past decade, but what about your current needs? You need something reliable for scanning high-quality photos for the family album or when your family needs to scan and print their projects?

It’s time to upgrade

We’ve got great news for you. You can quickly print high-quality photos, documents and presentations with Epson’s WorkForce and Expression printers, which cost less than $150 (MSRP).

There are two massive benefits for you: one, your coworkers and clients will be impressed by the exceptional quality of everything you print, and two: these high-quality printers are affordable for anyone on a budget.

Epson’s new WorkForce WF-2860, Expression Home XP-5100 and Expression Premium XP-6000 are all great options for both your business and personal needs. Is your child a budding artist and they want you to keep all their works? You’ll need a scanner for that. What about all your teen’s school projects? They’ll need a reliable printer.

Thankfully, Epson’s high-quality printers come with suggested manufacturer retail prices ranged from only $119.99 to $149.99.

Bonus: Epson’s new printers are fast – 14 black-and-white pages per minute and 7.5 color pages per minute, or more!

A printer for your home office

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you work from your company’s office a few days each month but you also work at home because it’s so convenient.

For instance, if you’re in sales, you’re always in your car, going to meet with one client down south and another one way up north. It’s easier to drive from home to meet with all your clients, rather than commute to and from your office.

An ideal printing solution for when you’re working from home is the Epson WorkForce WF-2860. This compact printer with laser-quality printing uses Epson’s PrecisionCore technology. It has high-tech features you’d normally see in your corporate office and has a 2.4-inch color touchscreen. Oh, and it’s wireless.

The WorkForce WF-2860 is fast. It prints up to 14 black-and-white pages per minute and up to 7.5 color pages. You can get loads of work done, too. It holds up to 150 sheets of paper and it has a 30-page auto feeder for scanning, copying and 2-sided printing.

A printer for everyday printing

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a busy family, and everyone has their own digital device. You’re all printing documents and presentations, plus photos from Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks. Long story short: you’re all doing a lot of wireless printing.

The Epson Expression Home XP-5100 is ideal for you. It has a 2.4-inch LCD screen, a 150-sheet capacity tray and it prints at speeds of up to 14 black-and-white pages per minute and 7.5 color pages per minute. You can scan, copy and wirelessly print from any device. It’s fast, high-quality and convenient.

A printer for a busy family

If your family loves to print high-quality, borderless photos, the Epson Expression Premium XP-6000 is ideal for you. This is an ultra-slim, powerful printer that’s designed with photo buffs in mind.

That starts with premium-quality, 5-color Claria ink. You can print borderless photos of up to 8-inches by-11 inches, and it’s fast. You can print a 4-inch by 6-inch photo in about 15 seconds and you can print up to 15.8 black-and-white ppm and 11.3 color ppm.

The Expression Premium XP-6000 has a 2.4-inch LCD screen and boasts a photo/DVD tray, a built-in USB, and the ability to print wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

Bonus: Epson EcoTank

You need solutions as a business person, and as the parent of a busy family. Our sponsor, Epson’s, EcoTank printer is for you! You can save $1,500 with its ingenious printer tank. Instead of using printer cartridges, EcoTank uses a reservoir of ink that can last up to two years.

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