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7 tips for getting hired after 45

Job-hunting in the digital jungle can be a slog at the best of times. When you’re an older candidate, it can be downright demoralizing. First of all, you have to deal with a job market that has changed drastically in the past few decades.

For example, nowadays, you have to take AI programs into account. Bots screen many resumes before humans even see them. Tap or click here for eight tips to get your resume past hiring bots and to a real person.

If you’re having trouble finding a job, we have some tips and strategies to help you out. Here are seven ways to land your dream job. This tip is brought to you by our sponsor LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking for a job or hiring for an open position, LinkedIn is the place to be.

1. Aim for jobs that are in high demand

Certain industries are so desperate for warm bodies they’ll take anyone. For example, Amazon is on a massive hiring spree now. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous job, but when you need a paycheck quickly, you may need to accept a short-term gig while you search for better options.

Do some research to try and see who needs workers the most. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare jobs may grow by 16% from 2020 to 2023. That’s much faster than the average.

One good place to get started is with the Department of Labor’s online Occupational Outlook Handbook. You can browse jobs in all sorts of industries to see who’s hiring. It’s an excellent way to get a bird’s eye view of the job market.

Tap or click here for nine jobs in high demand right now.

2. Keep your skills sharp with online courses and certifications

Nowadays, there are all sorts of free resources you can use to learn online. YouTube is a great place to start. TikTok is most famous for its dances, but you can find all sorts of skilled professionals sharing their advice in short video clips.

For a more robust education, check out edX. It offers high-level lessons from America’s top university professors. Tap or click here to sign up for free edX classes today. 

Certifications are another great way to impress interviewers. Microsoft has you covered on that. Good news: Microsoft offers free digital skills training. Tap or click here to bolster your resume.

3. Use your well-developed network

Over the years, you have developed a network of past coworkers. If you went on business dinners, you have partners and friends. Take advantage of the friendships you have built over the years and put out some feelers.

It might feel awkward at first, especially if you haven’t spoken to them in a while. But it’s not like you’re asking for a kidney. Most people will be happy to let you know if they’re aware of any job openings. Then you will have an in!

4. Use your age as an asset

Attitude is key. If an interviewer calls attention to your age, treat it like a badge of honor. Age brings wisdom, maturity and experience younger job seekers might not have. You add diversity and a unique perspective to the workplace.

5. Embrace change

Who says you have to get a job in your field? If you’ve spent 30 years as a salesman and have always wanted to do something else, make the switch. A study by PayScale says 82% of folks over the age of 45 had success when they switched careers.

It’s never too late to pursue your dream goals. There’s nothing to lose by trying, so narrow down a job you’ve always wanted to try and stop standing in your own way.

6. Update your resume

Brush off old experience that isn’t relevant. For example, if you worked with tech that is now outdated, that won’t impress an interviewer. Focus on the skills you have that benefit the modern workplace, like computer skills or even the timeless classics like good communication and flexibility.

Want to write a winning resume? Tap or click here for four ways to get a leg up in your job search.

7. Don’t overthink job descriptions

You might be overwhelmed when you see a posting with a long list of job duties and required skillsets. Often, these are just wishlists employers write. Don’t let a job description deter you.

Plus, many job listings are sloppily put together, with little concern for clarity. For example, I once applied for a job with a few job duties I didn’t fully understand. When the interviewer used some terminology I wasn’t familiar with, I asked him to explain how it works.

“Although I may not know the technical term, I may have some experience that aligns with it,” I said. He nodded at the explanation and told me what he meant. As it turns out, I was right: I had the proper skills but hadn’t known the technical jargon he used.

Bottom line: If you see a job you like and think it matches your skills, apply for it. Don’t let yourself fall victim to self-doubt!

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