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Cool site: Download the CIA’s declassified UFO reports

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have captured the imagination of millions for decades. Whether you believe in visitors from another planet or not, flying saucers have been spotted in the night sky for generations.

The most famous UFO incident is the crash on a farm in Roswell. Debris was scattered over a large section of the JB Foster ranch in 1947. At the time, authorities quickly whisked the crash material away and claimed it to be a weather balloon. Tap or click here to read about dozens of mysterious drones swarming the same area every night.

For generations, conspiracy theorists accused the government of covering up what really happened at Roswell and numerous other sightings. Well, the time for accusations is over. Tons of official government documents dealing with UFOs have been declassified for anyone to read. Here’s how you can satisfy your sci-fi fixation.

The real X-Files

The search for evidence of extraterrestrials and UFOs has turned into a serious hobby for many people. The U.S. government has never acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial life officially and many reports had been hidden away.

The CIA is one of the departments tasked with safeguarding purported UFO knowledge. While most reports are classified, some have been quietly declassified and released through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) court rulings in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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According to the FOIA website, The Black Vault, the CIA has since made a disc-based collection of all declassified reports about UFOs. The website has now made the entire disc’s contents available for public browsing and downloading.

Why the sudden interest in releasing declassified documents on UFOs? Well, most people would have missed a couple of paragraphs in the recently ratified Emergency COVID-19 Stimulus Bill.

Tucked away deep inside the nearly 6,000-page bill was a section relating to the Intelligence Authorization Act’s ratification. Since it was approved, the government must release everything it knows about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

How to download declassified UFO files

The Black Vault website obtained a copy of the disc and has made the entire CIA UFO Collection available on its website.

  • Original content: You can download contents of the CD-ROM in its original format. It isn’t easy to search through as they are in the TIF file format.
  • Converted files: The other option is that you can download a searchable PDF file version. This includes all the documents from the CIA disc converted from TIF to PDF. This makes searching for terms, locations or dates much easier.

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If you want to take a little peek, all the files have also been made available as individual downloads. While the text within the individual files is searchable, you would need to know the file name for specific results.

UFOs and their secrets

We highly doubt that anything shocking is revealed in the declassified UFO files. But it is interesting to go through them.

The reason is that the documents have been formatted to the declassified document designation. This means that much of the juicy info like names, precise locations or military personnel are heavily redacted.

Towards the end of the collection, some of the files are U.S. correspondence concerning sightings in Russia. In one of the documents as an example, the unclassified report details a comment made by Russian Astronaut Gennadi Strekalov. He was onboard a spacecraft in 1990 when the crew saw a strange light.

“Gennadi Strekalov said that the crew saw a huge ball of light for 7 minutes on September 26. This is probably an unknown natural phenomenon,” the report states.

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