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Out of work? 40 companies hiring work from home and remote jobs

It’s no exaggeration to say COVID-19 has devastated the job market. In just four weeks, 22 million Americans are out of work, and some companies may never even reopen their doors once all this is over.

Now, not every company is struggling to stay open. Essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies are desperate for employees, and Amazon is hiring 175,000 workers to keep up with all the online orders from people staying home.

What other businesses are surviving? Those with the ability to send workers home to get their jobs done. It can be tough to parse legitimate work-from-home jobs from scams during normal times, so it’s even more important to be diligent now. Scammers are out in full force.

If you’re out of work, we can help. Here are 40 solid WFH opportunities to start your job search.

Beyond Amazon

With more than 175,000 job listings in the past month, Amazon is the biggest employment opportunity for workers on the market right now — but it’s not the only one. There are currently dozens of companies hiring work-from-home positions that will limit your exposure to others while keeping money rolling in.

If you’re like most Americans, your upcoming stimulus check will only go so far to cover expenses. Tap or click here to see when you’ll be getting yours.

Instead of sitting and waiting for Uncle Sam to drop money into your bank account, here are 40 companies that you can apply to right now so you can start working again as soon as possible.

Check out these available work-from-home positions

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Adobe: The developers and creators behind programs like Photoshop and Flash, Adobe is looking for remote workers to help with technical support, business solutions and senior customer service representatives in the healthcare domain.

The following positions are available at Adobe right now:

  • AEM Technical Consultant
  • HealthcareBusiness Solutions Architect
  • Senior Customer Success Manager – Healthcare

Aetna: One of the biggest healthcare companies in the U.S., Aetna is looking for registered nurses, data scientists and social workers who can work remotely to serve clients and patients.

The following positions are available at Aetna right now:

  • Case Manager Registered Nurse
  • Lead Data Scientist
  • Social Worker

Amazon: Most of Amazon’s recent hires included delivery drivers and warehouse workers. But the company is still offering several work-from-home positions for human resources and management.

The following positions are available at Amazon right now:

  • Database Solutions Architect
  • HR Contact Center Administrator
  • Recruiting Manager

Apple: Apple needs no introduction, but one of the company’s biggest innovations has been its support and service division under Applecare. Apple is hiring at-home workers to handle tech support questions and training for customers.

The following positions are available at Apple right now:

  • At-home advisor
  • Creative
  • Specialist

Citizens Bank: One of the most prominent banks in the country, Citizens Bank is looking for at-home workers that can assist customers with mortgage-related matters. There are also openings in network engineering.

The following positions are available at Citizen’s Bank right now:

  • Home Mortgage Business Support Consultant
  • Home Mortgage Compliance Associate
  • Manager Network Engineering

Crowdstrike: As one of the nation’s top cybersecurity firms, Crowdstrike is looking for experienced software engineers and recruiters, as well as product managers with marketing experience.

The following positions are available at Crowdstrike right now:

  • Product Marketing Manager, Public Sector
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Technical Recruiter
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Dell: The famous computer brand is expanding its ranks to include new executive positions, as well as cybersecurity workers and engineers for automated systems.

The following positions are available at Dell right now:

  • Data Center Sales Executive
  • Cybersecurity Operations
  • Infrastructure Automation Engineer

Healthline Media: An online resource for health and wellness information. Healthline Media is looking for full-time content workers and medical personnel.

The following positions are available at Healthline Media right now:

  • Medical Reviewer
  • Photo Editor
  • Senior Wellness Editor

ICF: A top business consulting firm. ICF is currently hiring coordinators for child services, as well as document formatting specialists.

The following positions are available at ICF right now:

  • Bilingual Copy Editor
  • Children’s Services Study Coordinator
  • Document Formatting Specialist

K12: Provides online educational programs for kids in kindergarten through the 12th grade. K12 is currently looking for instructors that can work remotely with students who are learning from home.

The following positions are available at K12 right now:

  • Curriculum Alignment Contractor – English Language Arts
  • High School Special Education Teacher
  • Teacher – CTE Law Enforcement

Kelly Services: A staffing agency that’s currently expanding its roster to include new engineers, consultants and virtual assistants to its ranks.

The following positions are available at Kelly Services right now:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Software Engineer
  • Training Consultant

Kforce: Staffing agency that provides call-center representatives and other mid-level positions to various companies.

The following positions are available at Kforce right now:

  • Call Center Representative
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Senior Accountant

LanguageLine Solutions: Provides translation and interpretation services for a variety of different languages. Fluency is required for language-related roles.

The following positions are available at LanguageLine Solutions right now:

  • Farsi Interpreter
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Japanese interpreter

Liveops: Call-center agency that provides phone representatives for various companies and organizations.

The following positions are available at Liveops right now:

  • Call Center Representative
  • Call Center Representative, Licensed Insurance
  • Licensed Insurance Agent

Merck: Pharmaceutical group expanding its executive-level workforce. Merck is also seeking accredited scientists for senior roles.

The following positions are available at Merck right now:

  • Associate Director, External
  • Director, Project Management Office
  • Senior Scientist, Global Analytics Large Molecule

Okta: Experienced software developer looking to add new senior management roles and engineers to its workforce.

The following positions are available at Okta right now:

  • Developer Solutions Engineer, Architect
  • Senior Manager, Vendor Management
  • Vice President, Customer Success

Outschool: Outschool is hiring experienced teachers to host and instruct online classes across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.

The following positions are available at Outschool right now:

  • English Instructor
  • Math Instructor
  • Kindergarten Teacher

Pegasystems: Specializing in business management, Pegasystems is currently hiring executive-level workers for senior positions in the company.

The following positions are available at Pegasystems right now:

  • Business Value Advisor
  • Sales Director
  • Senior Curriculum Developer
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Phillips: Developer behind multiple award-winning appliances and devices, as well as a major multinational conglomerate. Phillips is currently hiring for leadership roles and supply chain engineers.

The following positions are available at Phillips right now:

  • Market Business Leader – CT, AMI Precision Diagnosis
  • Senior Manager, Scientific Communication
  • Senior Supply Chain Quality Engineer

PRA Health Sciences: Pharmaceutical-industry company adding new roles for data specialists and analysts.

The following positions are available at PRA Health Sciences right now:

  • Biomarker Data Specialist
  • Clinical Trial Manager
  • Pricing Analyst

Randstad: This human resources and staffing agency is currently hiring call center representatives and senior-level positions for various companies.

The following positions are available at Randstad right now:

  • Call Center Representative
  • Mortgage Underwriter
  • Senior Pega Developer

Red Hat: This software company is adding new developer roles to help with design, development and production.

The following positions are available at Red Hat right now:

  • Enablement Platform Lead
  • Leadership Learning Development Architect
  • Senior Specialist Solutions Architect

Remote Tech Jobs: This online job database has over 5,000 active jobs on the site, excellent search-and-subscribe functionality and 37 tech job categories.

Here are a few open positions you’ll find now on Remote Tech Jobs:

  • Automation Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud ETL Developer

Robert Half International: One of the largest staffing companies in America, Robert Half International is now hiring corporate-level positions.

The following positions are available at Robert Half International right now:

  • Client Services Representative
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Full-Stack Developer
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Salesforce: Businesses across multiple industries rely on Salesforce software to manage customer relationships. The company is now hiring employees for sales recruitment and developer roles.

The following positions are available at Salesforce right now:

  • Digital Transformation Strategist
  • Program Engagement Lead
  • Sales Recruiter

SAP: This enterprise software development company is currently hiring new leadership roles, as well as developer positions.

The following positions are available at SAP right now:

  • Chief Enterprise Architect
  • Global Program Manager
  • Growth Channels Solution Lead

Service Now: This cloud IT business is now hiring new employees for various leadership roles within the company.

The following positions are available at Service Now:

  • Digital Analyst – Customer Success
  • Expert Programs Delivery Senior Manager
  • Senior Global Campaign Manager – Customer Success

Slack: Slack provides secure internal communications for workplaces, and its software is more crucial than ever during quarantine. The company is adding several remote manager positions.

The following positions are available at Slack:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Success Manager (Public Sector)
  • Principal Customer Success Manager

Soliant Health: This healthcare staffing company is hiring doctors, teachers and other specialists for students and children in need.

The following positions are available at Soliant Health right now:

  • Child Psychiatrist
  • Intervention Specialist
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Stryker: This medical solutions company is hiring for leadership roles, as well as recruitment specialists.

The following positions are available at Stryker right now:

  • Marketing Development Director
  • Neurosurgical Sales Representative
  • Recruiter

Syneos: This medical company is hiring research scientists and medical writers who can break down complex subjects into understandable copy.

The following positions are available at Syneos right now:

  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • Content Manager
  • Principal Medical Writer – Clinical Pharmacology

Thermo Fisher Scientific: A biotechnology company looking for skilled data engineers and sales specialists with a deep understanding of science.

The following positions are available at Thermo Fisher Scientific right now:

  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Technical Sales Specialist in Molecular Biology

Tricida: This pharmaceutical company is now hiring for executive-level positions.

The following positions are available at Tricida right now:

  • Executive Director, Government Affairs and Policy
  • Senior Director, Commercial Systems
  • Senior Director Contract Strategy, Pricing

TTEC: This company operates numerous business-consulting services, and is looking for technical support representatives and engineer roles to be filled.

The following positions are available at TTEC right now:

  • Property and Casualty Licensed Agent
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Technical Support Representative

UnitedHealth Group: One of the nation’s biggest insurance providers, UnitedHealth Group is currently hiring care nurses and other essential workers.

The following positions are available at UnitedHealth Group right now:

  • Inpatient Care Management Nurse RN
  • Splunk Architect
  • Veterans Administration Relations Specialist

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Upwork: This online marketplace for freelance workers is currently hiring executive-level workers to oversee operations.

The following positions are available at Upwork right now:

  • Senior Director of Product Management
  • Senior Product Designer – Acquisition, Onboarding
  • Senior Product Designer

Vocovision: This remote teletherapy practice is currently hiring teachers and doctors to work directly with clients over video calls.

The following positions are available at Vocovision right now:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
  • School Psychologist
  • Speech Language Pathologist

Walgreens: One of the country’s biggest pharmacies, Walgreens, is now hiring remote workers to handle the increased volume of calls due to COVID-19.

The following positions are available at Walgreens right now:

  • Call Center Customer Care
  • Call Center Specialist: Work from Home
  • Call Center Specialist

Williams-Sonoma: A popular home decor company, Williams-Sonoma, is adding additional customer service staff to its rankings to handle the increased demand for online orders.

The following positions are available at Williams-Sonoma right now:

  • Customer Service Agent
  • Customer Service Associate
  • International Customer Service Associate

MORE COMPANIES HIRING: A dozen companies are adding thousands of workers.

Zoom: The essential video-chat service is beefing up its workforce for sales and support. Naturally, the company is supporting a number of at-home roles in each field.

The following positions are available at Zoom right now:

  • Zoom Phone Account Executive
  • Zoom Phone Sales Manager
  • Zoom Phone Specialist

Bonus: Essential work is still available – 15 more companies hiring

If you’re not having luck finding a WFH job or your skills are better suited to an essential position, check this list.

Despite the dour outlook for employment, plenty of companies are still hiring. You just need to find the right fit.

The work you do during these times from your home office will not only leave a major impression on your new employer, but it’ll also be something you can take with you wherever you go in the future. Rather than wait for help, you took initiative and adapted to the strange new world of remote work.

And who knows, perhaps these kinds of remote jobs will become the norm in the near future. At the very least, they’re much cheaper to run than a full office. Tap or click here to see what you need to successfully work from home.

A new job often starts with a background check. What will a potential employer find out about you? Tap or click here to run a background check on yourself.

Be sure to share this with friends and family members who are struggling to find a job.

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